1 HOUR 90s – Indie – Hiphop – Rap Mix

Hey Guys, this is a standard mix i did! Hope you Take pleasure in!!!!!!

1 Planet &amp San – Shine
two Beneath Achieva’z – Put on Ya Rubbaz
3 ULTRA – The Industy is Wack
4 The Oufit – The Outfit Presents…
5 The High &amp The Mighty – It is All For You (1997)
six The Doxxmen – Spontanaeous Combustion
7 Sugacane – God For All
eight Strictly Homicidal – Just Imagin’
9 Street Connect – Rollin’ More than You _ All Up In The Game
ten Splattahouse – Men of War
11 Spex – Listen Close
12 Silouette – Rude Girlz
13 Rundown Rolex Brewmasta Spex – Factory Assembly Line
14 Royal Fam – Summin’ Gotz to Give
15 Rick Da Bro – I Do not Wanna speak
16 Phi-Life Cypher – Track 10
17 Open Eyes – Riot Gear (1997)
18 Omniscience – I Gotta Preserve


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  1. Dope mix. I swear one track is Mobb deep from 93 at 3220 and another sounds just like some old mos def at 4420. If it ain’t mos def, buddy is sounding just like him. Checking buddies tracklist and they ain’t on it

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