♫ urban8 – korean underground hiphop/r&b playlist

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfxNaGj0UY0ZCsRrlxwXYf5MR3_adjE04

1 – 00:00 – Offonoff – Photograph
2 – 04:00 – Bevy Maco -Summer Fever
three – 06:01 – B-Jyun – Alter
4 – 10:27 – Bevy Maco – Undesirable Dreams (Ft. Summer Soul)
5 – 15:38 – Offonoff – Moon, 1204 Am
six – 19:16 – Punchnello – Accurate
7 – 22:05 – Ovcoco – Me & You (Feat. Bevy Maco, Jeebanoff)
eight – 26:47 – Theplan8 X Jeebanoff – How We Love
9 – 30:59 – Yeseo – Fill With Love
ten – 33:40 – Punchnello (펀치넬로) – Green Horizon
11 – 36:42 – Giiana – Paradise (Feat. Summer Soul)
12 – 39:53 – J.Lu – Off To (Ft. Summer Soul)
13 – 41:58 – B Jyun – Perceived
14 – 44:52 – Bravo – Surfin’ ( Feat. Juhwi )
15 – 48:08 – Take’m – In no way Had
16 – 52:07 – Who$ – Black Champagne (Ft.Naked Bibi)
17 – 55:30 – 설아 – One (Feat. Lilmoney)
18 – 59:11 – Saero – 나 요즘 (Lately I) (Feat. 앤트)
19 – 1:03:44 – 니화(NiiHwa) – Make Me Crazy (Feat. 계범주)
20 – 1:07:08 – Royal – 움직여 (Ft.Changmo)
21 – 1:11:31 – Ocean – yA-HEa
22 – 1:14:41 – GaEun Lee – Daybreak
23 – 1:19:07 – Villain – 총받이 (Front Line) (Ft. Moti)
24 – 1:24:04 – P.Odd (Jung Jin Woo) – 술래 (Feat. Villain, Moti)
25 – 1:27:27 – Jeebanoff – Sungbook Gu Little ones (삼선동 사거리)

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  1. i realized that no:el used the same song base as b-jyun’s "perceived" for his song "i don’t fuck with you" :0
    maybe it was a tune for anyone to use? it’s cool that they have different styles though.

  2. Diana Montano

    can anybody help me find a song. Its chill r&b song, and the title is either "too cool" or "so cool". PLEASE!!!!

  3. Alma Delgado

    Happy one year to the first playlist I ever listened by you! Thank you for working so hard and giving us amazing music to listen to while we study, relax or clean! Fighting! ❤️💪🏽

  4. Lisa Natalia

    I find it cool that I see people with similar taste in music as me (offonoff is amazing and I’m sad they’re not appreciated enough)

  5. Is take’m from Canada? In ‘never had’ he mentioned a lot of things relating to that. I tried searching for his profile but since these artists aren’t as well known, I wasn’t able to find any info

  6. Marína Urbanová

    This is a great playlist I Iove it! Would never go and listen to these artists on my own if it wasn’t for this playlist, so thank you for creating it! 🙂

  7. ETing Chang

    Love all your playlist so much! It just calms me down and makes me focus on my work instead of listening acoustic music!! Glad that I’ve found you 🙂

  8. hellopinkkitty13

    You really did a great job…I am tired of hearing the same artists, love these artists…cool Korean underground!!!!

  9. Andy Anguiano

    I felt so sad when I couldn’t find this video, but it’s back up! I am so happy this is literally my playlist for any situation ❤❤❤❤ thank you for uploading this!~

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